Entrance Pastificio

120cm x 90cm, Charcoal on paper

The hall in our home in Italy is more than 200 years old. I love the pattern of the tails and the light comingg in. It's almost an abstract game of lines.

Charcoal stairs #2

120cm x 120cm, Charcoal on paper

I love to paint my daily views. These are the stairs in my cellar. The beautiful light upstairs catches my attention every time! 

Charcoal is such a beautiful deep black and vivid material. This one is all about the rhythm of tone and lines



Blue-ish door

150cm x 200cm, oil on canvas

Inspired by Jan Beutener in museum More, the ladies room caught my attention. The strong colors, tones and lines are amazing. (Actually the whole building is!). Okay the theme is a bit strange, but aren't we all a bit strange these days......


Charcoal stairs #1

150cm x 100cm, Charcoal on paper

A typical Italian stairway. While I passed the open door I was caught by the light and the reflection on the floor.


Wet Dog

150cm x 112cm, Charcoal on paper

Meet my smelly, beautiful lab.  After rolling in a cadaver and jumping in the mud he needed a shower.

Circus Plokhooij

Charcoal on paper, 150cm x 112,5cm

Caught in the act. Spain. Nobody is aware of the presence of the painter. Occupied by jumping trough the rings. Pure Happiness.

Stairway Pastificio

Charcoal on paper, 40cm x 60cm

The historical stairs of the pastificio in Airole. The contrast is almost surrealistic. Love the strong lines and the darkness of the charcoal.

Knock and the door will open, ask and they will give

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 100cm

Made this one in Blaricum in the former atelier of Mondriaan. My dear friend and mentor Jim Harris lived and worked here for a couple of years.


Limone Piemonte

Oil on canvas, 60cm x 80cm

Can you feel the silence of the hight? although it's summer, it's cold up here. Only the sound of cowbells..... wish I could paint the sound of cowbells 

Yellow Tankstation, Airole

Oil on canvas, 60cm x 80cm

Walking the dog I pass the former tank station  of Airole along the old Via Nazionale. I love the shape and the color and the changing light/shadow. It's about day and night, dark and light. The poetry of time.


Gina's sofa

Oil on canvas 160cm x 120cm

Just around the corner at my Australian neighbours. wintertime. The sun fills the entire room. 


Open door #4

Oil on wood, 30cm x 40cm

What's behind.....


Bricks, bricks, bricks

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 70cm

Just a small part of the Amsterdam canals. Did you notice the pattern of the bricks?! It's really there.

Garbage Can

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 70cm

It's all about tones, light and dark, strong lines, the sound of silence.....


Oil on canvas, 100cm x 70cm

Light in the dark. It makes you feel like going in. Wondering what's inside.....

Pink Sofa

Oil on canvas, 100cm x 70cm

After years of good work she ended up at the garbage. I feel sorry for her. But in this painting she will stay there forever. It's about the transience of everything and me letting it go.

Open door #3

Oil on linen, 200cm x 150cm

Stillness in a corner. The old Zeeman Laboratory in Amsterdam is very inspiring to me. The Art Deco building is so powerful with it"s strong lines and thick walls. Where will this door lead you to..... 


Oil on linen, 120cm x 90cm

I was happy to paint this amazing living room with  canal view. To me it"s all about the reflection on the floor. It's winter and the sun is so low that it fills the room. 

Although it was freezing cold outside I opened the windows and the white shepherd immediately took his spot! Too good to not paint him. He got an unexpected role in this piece.  I named the painting after the friendly white shepherd.

Stillife #1

Oil on panel, 30cm x40 cm

Love the colors and the stillness. Again I chose for strong contrasts in light and dark. I made this one for my exams at Wackers Academie

Anneke's kitchen

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

Searching for beauty in every day life...... found it in Anneke's kitchen. The way the light falls on the table and the red carpet took my interest.


Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

Amsterdam is in semi-lockdown. The Corona virus is somewhere out there. I feel save behind my curtain.....stillness.

Stillife #2

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

My daughters Dr Martins play the main roll in this part. Also used my favorite alpaca scarf (I recently bought on a spectacular trip to Peru with my 70 year old mom) and my gloves (cause my hands are alway cold :)). Made this one for my exams at Wackers Academie.

Another day in paradise

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40 cm

Beautiful winter light enters my room........ this is all I need for today.

Open door #2

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

This is the entrance of my home. Made this one for my Wackers exams. Found stillness in a corner.

De meidentuin

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

My dear neighbors created a garden in their enormous living room. Gardens in down town Amsterdam are so overrated :)

Open door #1,

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

My daily view when Ì leave my home via the central hall of the 19th century historical building in Amsterdam

Mondriaan's lock house

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

On one of the canals in Amsterdam you find this beautiful lock house. Every time I walk by with my dog I get inspired by the cubic forms and the reflections in the water. 


Oil on canvas, 100x100cm

Commission named after the sweetest model ever! Laure and Pierre from Paris asked me to paint their fantastic penthouse appartment in Amsterdam. I went to their place for 4 times. Trying to catch the same light at the same time every day. On top of this, little Orso stood behind one of the pilars and watched me painting. Ofcourse I didn't miss this chance to Portrait him.

Leaking Tap

Oil on canvas, 60cm x 90cm

I love the differences in light when you look through the Northern Italian Pastificio. Outside you see the mountains of Liguria.

Wackers Kitchen

Oil on panel, 50cm x 70cm

Made at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam. Trying to catch the different lights in the different spaces. At the end you see a typical dutch red stone house.

Yellow Ape

Oil on canvas, 60cm x 70cm

U vecchio pastificio in Airole, a medieval village in Liguria. Love to spent my holidays here. Feels like home.....the people, the mountains, the food and la dolce fare peintura.

Amsterdam Rooftop

Oil on panel, 50cm x 70cm

Beautiful sky today. Love the redbrick houses in Amsterdam.

Roya River

60cm x 80cm, oil on canvas

This place feels like paradise to me. I took some pictures last summer and made sketches. of course the light was changing all the time. After the first layer on this canvas I didn't use my pictures anymore and used my memory and my fantasy. Again it became a bit surreal. I used the light wherever I liked it to be. Love this way of painting. First painting of 2020!

View from the bath tub

Oil on canvas, 60cm x 90cm

Painted in the old Pastificio in medieval Airole, Italy. Really standing in the bath tub to catch my view.

Red Flip Flop's

Oil on panel, 50cm x 70cm

Inspired by a collage I made. This eye is really voyeuristic and looks right trough us, hold by a girl on red Flip Flop's. On the right a copy of De Lempicka

Clock's ticking

Oil on panel, 30cmx40cm

Found stillness again in just a corner. But it’s almost 5 pm. Time to go home!

3 Boys in a pool

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

Stillness. Take a look at the the little painting on the left wall. Discover 3 boys in a pool.


Oil on canvas, 60cm  x  80cm

Airole is a picturesque medieval village in Northern Italy. I love to spent my time here to paint and to 'la dolce fare niente'.

Hotel Bragard

Oil on canvas, 60cm  x 90cm

Commissioned work for the most beautiful hotel in Northern Italy. With Edward Hopper in mind and the wish of the owners to make it very realistic. Again you see my love for Hyper Realism. This means that I used bigger contrasts in dark/light and color.

Toon's Kitchen

50cm x 70cm, Oil on panel

I love all my paintings, but this one is really special to me. Painting in Toon's beautiful home. Toon recently passed away and his home is waiting for his new owners. We had a few coffee's and wines together at this table. I thought it would be 'the sound of silence' painting. But the light, the sun and the trees made the place so vivid!

Hortus Plantsoen

Oil on canvas, incl. black frame, 80cm x 120 cm

Hortus Botanicus is the oldest Botanic Garden in Europe. It's right here in the City Centre of Amsterdam. The Parc in front of Hortus Botanicus is public. I wanted to catch the beauty of the shadow of the trees in the grass. I made a picture and these visitors were just there by coincidence. They all heard a strange sound from the other side of the canal and they freezed for a second. This moment was too good to ignore.

Zeeman Laboratorium

120cm x 200cm, Oil on canvas

Pierre and Laure from Paris, who live in Amsterdam for a couple of years, bought this painting of their amazing house in the Canals of Amsterdam. I love the colors of the Red Stone building, the green of the weeping willow and the blueish water of the Canal (which is normally brown, but not with the reflection of todays blue sky).

Running child

Oil on panel, 50cm x 70cm

First I made a collage. It was difficult to find the right perspective from there. Important to keep the message in mind instead of finding reality. Who is the woman in the back, why is the girl running, where is she heading for, what is this black labrador doing there? The longer you look the more you will discover.


Oil on panel, 50cm  x 70cm

Inspired by a collage I made. Surrealistic. Dramatic. Is the boy in the aquarium watching his mom swimming away? What do you think? And the boy in the front? 


Oil on panel, 50cm x 70cm

Please keep dreaming. Life's to complicated sometimes.....

Inspired by a collage I made. Surrealistic. Dramatic.

Wackers Stairwell

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

The light and bright stairwell in the Wackers Academie. This old school building is Art Decoish/Amsterdamse Stijl. Trying to catch the moment. The light is changing constantly

Home with a view

Oil on panel, 50cm x 80cm

The view from the Zeeman Laboratory at the Nieuwe Keizersgracht (Canal). There's just enough sun today to see the bright colors of the red stone buildings and the beautiful boat homes. I love the reflection on the white table and the drama of colors on the wall in between the windows.


Oil on panel, 50cm x 50cm

This is made in de garden of the Wackers Academy. This is a typical dutch garden view. Lot's of red stone houses and the white wooden balconies.

3 Historical Windows

Oil on panel, 40cm x 30cm

Down town Amsterdam lots of houses still have these hand blown windows. These are more than 100 years old. If you look through them everything behind will move and dance. Ofcourse you see the typical red stone houses outside

2 windows in Amsterdam

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

My first inside-outside painting. This is the beginning of something new. I love the way the outside light brings darkness into the room. At the same time it lightens up some subjects in the room. This will be my challenge for the coming period.
For this piece I used an imprimatur of Raw Umber which gives it the feeling of the old dutch masters.

3 windows in Amsterdam

Oil on panel, 30cm  x 40cm

I worked on an imprimatur of Raw Umber. This gives the feeling of the old dutch paintings


Oil on canvas, 150cm x 250cm

City tree

Oil on panel, 50cm x 50cm

This tree is more than 100 years old and it is standing in the public garden of Hortus Botanicus (the oldest Botanic Garden in Europe). The shape is beautiful and especially the light of the sun gives it a bright green color. The house in the back is called 'Wittenberg' and used to be a nursery home for senior citizens.

Dancing window with historical glass

Oil on panel, 50cm x 50cm

Down town Amsterdam lots of houses still have these hand blown windows. These are more than 100 years old. If you look through them everything behind will move and dance. Ofcourse you see the typical red stone houses outside.

Sunny roof

Oil on panel, 50cm x 50cm

The spring light on the historical Dutch building caught my attention. The light colored the stones of the roof almost white. The reflection in the open windows brings the outside light inside the room.

The Piano 

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

Just a plant on a piano in just a street in Amsterdam.... stillness

To the loo

Oil on panel, 30cm x 40cm

Wy would you paint the loo?! Well, see for yourself. It looks surrealistic, but everything is there. I didn't make anything up. These almost symetric toilets and the litle windows allow us to see this beautiful roof with again windows. Makes me curious. What's behind these windows. It's a never ending story.

Fallen Glass

Oil on panel, 50cm x 70cm

The theme for this painting is water. What does the gloss of the water on the white shiny table top. I zoomed in on the subject and it became an American Foto Realism piece or Hyper Realism. This means more realistic than reality. Somehow I'm attracted to American Art. The bright colors and the big contrasts in light and dark.