Judith Ansems (1972)  graduated at the Wackers Academie of Art in Amsterdam. 

In her work Judith focusses on daily scenes and subjects. The shadow of the tree on the tiles; the sunlight in the room; the view from one room through the other; the reflections on the floor; and the rhythm of lines in the stairwell. Figurative, but with a twist. Not just a nice picture, but everyday subjects with a melancholy touch. It's about time and stillness. It's about our transient live. Sad and beautiful. With a main focus  on light and dark, strong lines and reflections. Judith is very much inspired by the stillness of Edward Hopper.

Untill 2005 Judith was the leading singer of the well known International Hermes House Band. She achieved several golden and platinum Records for the remix of 'I will survive', 'Country Roads', 'Those were the days' and 'Can't take my eyes off you'.

At the moment Judith is living partly in Bali and partly in Italy.





2021 - May/July       The Female Gaze - Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam

2021 - June.                 Expo: Exams Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

2021 - 2022                 Restaurant Scheepskameel, Amsterdam

2020 - Sept.                 'The poëtry of the empty space', The dr. Zeeman Laboratory, Amsterdam

2020 - Jan.                    'Kill your Darlings', Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

2019 - Okt.                   'Inside out', The dr. Zeeman Laboratory, Amsterdam

2019 - June                  Summer exposition Wackers Academie, Amsterdam

2018 - June.                 Summer exposition Wackers Academie, Amsterdam